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We hope that the upcoming courses will not be affected by future government covid-19 guidelines, but if you could please remember to check your course occasionally for any changes which might have to be made, we at the course office would be grateful. Thank you.

Here are some short clips of people who are among the many who have enjoyed and benefitted from the various courses we offer here at the Maharishi Dome:

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is a simple technique which gives a unique quality of rest to mind and body. It allows stress and tiredness to be released in a natural way, resulting in greater energy, clarity and enjoyment of life.

Maharishi uses the analogy of a gardener who has one simple technique to nourish the plant, he waters the root and the whole plant flourishes.
Transcendental Meditation twice a day is one simple technique to enhance our daily life on every level.

Rounding courses

Rounding courses involve gentle yoga postures (asanas), a simple breathing technique (pranayama) and a session of Transcendental Meditation, repeated in cycles.

Enjoy an extended, deeply relaxing programme of extra meditations and inspiring recordings of Maharishi.

The courses are designed to promote the development of higher states of consciousness. This unique experience results in a dramatic reduction of accumulated stress and tension, boosting energy, clarity, happiness, creativity and health.

“One day of rounding in the Dome is more relaxing than a week on a beach.”

Gareth J. Evans

Advanced techniques

Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation enrich and deepen the practice of meditation, enhancing the benefits and accelerating the process of personal growth and development of higher states of consciousness. They can be learned non-residentially and are taught by a specially trained teacher.

Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation course fees from Sept 2022
The fees are the same as Transcendental Meditation and can be paid in 4 instalments.
• Earning over £60,000: £725
• Earning over £40,000: £625
• Earning over £25,000: £525
• Earning over £15,000: £395
• Earning under £15,000 and full-time students: £295
• School students (13-18 years): £195
• 15% discount on couples fees (except £295)
Payment options include bank transfer, cheque, by card over the phone and 4 instalments by standing order.

Please contact for bookings and enquiries.


Become a Sidha in the Maharishi Dome

The TM-Sidhi programme is a series of mental formulas derived by Maharishi from the Vedic tradition. The TM-Sidhi programme is designed to integrate mind, body and environment so effectively that desires in daily life are fulfilled without effort. The inner experience of this heightened integration is one of happiness and bliss. Group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying, is a highly effective means to create a harmonious influence in society. It’s a simple, enjoyable and powerful programme for individual enlightenment and world peace.

Learn the TM-Sidhis:

Part 1: Learn TM-Sidhis (3 weekends)

Part 2: Yogic Flying (2 weeks)

Please note prior to learning the Sidhis:
Talk to your TM teacher for a recommendation & attend a rounding weekend within the last 12 months.

Total Knowledge

These courses presents an integrated framework of knowledge that we realise deep within our Self.

A short video about Total Knowledge

Dr Peter Warburton is the only person in the world teaching these courses. Based on four years of intensive study with Maharishi, in which he introduced the dynamics by which the unified level of Totality, deep within our Self, sequentially unfolds to give rise to the Veda, the human physiology, and ultimately the whole universe.

“This is the most profound knowledge on the planet.” – PC

World peace assembly

World Peace Assemblies involve full-day programmes of extended group practice of Transcendental Meditation, Yogic Flying and inspiring recorded lectures by Maharishi and other speakers.

World Peace Assemblies are available only for Sidhas and run from a weekend to two weeks. They give a profoundly refreshing experience, allowing participants to sustain extremely deep rest and gain clearer experiences of higher states of consciousness. Even a short course is an ideal preparation for enhancing successful daily activity.

Invincible Europe Assembly (IEA)

This special course, offered exclusively to Sidhas, offers deep silence, profound rest and renewed vitality from a longer period of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme. Mornings are dedicated to the programme, the most powerful ever devised by Maharishi, in the deep stillness of the Maharishi Dome, location of Europe’s largest group of Yogic Flyers for 34 years. Afternoons are free for gentle walks in surrounding countryside followed by knowledge meetings in the Dome. The course promotes individual enlightenment and coherence in the collective consciousness of Britain and Europe.

Attend a two week block or add additional weeks to the initial two week block.

See for an explanation of how the inner peace experienced through the group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme generates an influence of positivity, resulting in measurable reductions in negative trends such as crime, warfare and terrorism.

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