This course is now postponed

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This course is now postponed
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Simple techniques that enrich and deepen your experience of Transcendental Meditation, enhancing the benefits, and accelerating the process of personal growth and development of higher states of consciousness.

"Astonishingly good! The Advanced Techniques make the positive effects of my daily meditation last longer into the day."   - N.S.

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The Advanced Technique course consists of an online talk and and 2 sessions of instruction in the Dome. Each session lasts 2-3 hours. One session will be held on Saturday and one on Sunday.

This is a non-residential course, but for visitors who require accommodation we suggest When booking please mention that you are attending a course in the Golden Dome to receive a special rate.

The Dome can provide meals if required (these can be ordered when booking).

The fees are the same as Transcendental Meditation and can be paid in 4 instalments.
  • Earning over £40,000: £590
  • Earning over £25,000: £490
  • Earning over £15,000: £390
  • Earning under £15,000 and full-time students: £290
  • School students (13-18 years): £190
  • 15% discount on couples fees (except £290)

  • Please contact for bookings and enquiries.

    "It increases the intensity of blissfulness, and I’m transcending more frequently."
    "With each technique, you wonder how it could get any better, but each one makes the practice deeper and stronger.” - Emmy Zuckerman from New Jersey, U.S.A.

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