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Starts Sat 17 August 9.30am
Ends Sat 17 August 9pm
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Two sessions: 9:30am to 5pm & 7:30pm to 9pm.
Book now for the £99 Early Bird rate

Want a to stay sharp all your years? A better memory? Build a Better Brain – with guidance. There’s now a research-based, natural way to do it! Learn about cutting-edge methods of preventing brain deterioration. Discover how to protect and restore your memory and reverse cognitive decline.

Explore the first ever documented, evidence-based programme for prevention of Alzheimer’s - the Bredesden RecodeTM Protocol.

Best of all, the programme is entirely natural and personalized, and is based on lifestyle changes, diet, individualized supplements and rejuvenating, health-enhancing adaptations.

Many participants have reported gains in memory and mental clarity, as well as whole-body benefits, such as:
• Better memory
• Greater mental clarity
• Gradual, natural weight loss
• Lower blood pressure
• Better sleep
• More energy
• More flexible, comfortable joints
This approach is health-giving and anti-aging for the brain and the whole body.

Book now for the £99 Early Bird rate (£130 for bookings after 2 August).
Delicious organic vegetarian lunch £10. Light supper £8.

Need an overnight stay?
See just 5 minutes taxi ride from the seminar at the Dome. Air BnB options include annexes to houses with their own entrances with prices starting at around £32 per night. See and search for Parbold or Skelmersdale. Taxis to Parbold cost around £6 to £7.

Dr Lonsdorf received her medical training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and her residency training in psychiatry at Stanford University. She studied Ayurvedic medicine in India and the US with top Ayurvedic physicians and scholars and has worked closely with distinguished Ayurvedic vaidyas throughout her 25 years of practice.


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