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Starts Fri 11 January 7pm
Ends Fri 25 January 3.30pm
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“Blissful silence, lovely rest, I always feel amazing afterwards; like my heart is open and full of love. The effects last and last all year. I feel content and happy in and out of meditation.” - F.C.

“The most wonderful gift I have ever experienced is the IEA course, it takes me to deeper levels I have never known existed. Its beauty I can never put into words, it refreshes every cell in my body. I feel so blessed in every way.”- C.R.

Henry Brighouse a long term Governor and IEA course leader says that when people come on the Invincibility course, any fatigue soon goes and the fine fabrics of consciousness start opening to awareness from deep within. He said, “As course leaders it’s just a great joy to be involved with many courses, and to manage the junction points between one programme and the next, creating as smooth an experience as possible from beginning to end.”

“A special feature of the Meditator community in Skelmersdale is that everyone is 100% focused on Maharishi’s knowledge and programmes. With this approach over many years, the rewards are now being reaped by many visiting course participants who are regularly experiencing higher states of consciousness in the Dome.” - Dr Peter Warburton.

You are welcome to arrive at 5pm to join group programme.

“It was just divine, sublime, THE most heavenly experience.”- C.M. • Luxuriously extended practice of the TM-Sidhi programme
• Hear Maharishi’s profound discussions with the Invincible America Assembly
• Illumination of experiences with Raja Peter via video link

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