3 sections, at monthly intervals

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1) Starts Thurs 11th Mar 7pm
Ends Sun 14 Mar 2pm
2) Starts Thurs 15th Apr 7pm
Ends Sun 18th Apr 2pm
3) Starts Thurs 13th May 7pm
Ends Sun 16th May 2pm
Course fee:
Please await further details.

The TM-Sidhi programme® cultures the ability to think and act from the Transcendent. This results in greater skill in action, the ability to fulfil one's own desires and accelerates enlightenment.

"I was reborn after this course. I feel a pure joy inside me and I've never been more ready to face the world."   Ghida

This Fast Track Sidhi course is without the normal requirement to learn 4 Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation® before the Sidhis. The Fast Track course is in response to the pressing need for more coherence and peace in national consciousness, which is helpled greatly when more people become Sidhas. Please complete your Advanced Techniques as soon as possible after the Sidhi course.

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