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Maharishi Ayurveda uses Vedic sound to balance and heal. It is one of the three main treatment categories recommended in the classical Ayurvedic texts.
Led by Dr Charlotte Bech.

What is Veda?

Veda is the sound of Natural Law. Maharishi advised that we don’t look at Veda in terms of meaning or knowledge in ancient books – but as sound and silence built in a structure. Veda shows you the structure of Natural Law, not by explaining it, but by showing it to you in sound.

Natural Law is any law of nature like gravity, electromagnetism, laws of motion etc – that arise from the Unified Field and structure the universe in an orderly way.

Explore the healing effects of Vedic Sound

 Under Maharishi’s guidance, neurophysiologist, Dr Tony Nader discovered a 1:1 correlation between Veda and the human physiology. This discovery indicates that our bodies are in essence structured in Veda or sound. This knowledge opens a potentially valuable, practical window for creating balance.

Dr Bech will explore specific Vedic sounds and their connection to aspects of physical and mental functioning. This is the key information to help you choose from the wide range Vedic Sounds available in Maharishi’s programmes for wellbeing and advancement of higher states of consciousness.

Learn more about the wonderful range of Vedic Sounds:

The course includes information from:
Maharishi's Vedic Science
Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology
Maharishi online treatments with Vedic sound
Maharishi Vedic Model
Recitations by Maharishi Vedic pundits

The experience of transcending is the basis of Maharishi’s approach to Vedic knowledge.

Dr. Charlotte Bech, Vice President of the European Ayurveda Medical Association, is an allopathic medical doctor who runs a private clinic in Copenhagen, with emphasis on prevention, wellness and Ayurveda.

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