Meditators’ Long weekend retreat

3 days
7pm Thurs 14 Oct - 4pm Sun 17 Oct
Minimum course fee:
From £270.00

“Let me tell you all about the 6-month “Science of Creative Intelligence Course” with
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Fiuggi Font, Italy, January to June 1972.”

The course will be led by Patrice Gladwin who will guide you through the weekend leaving you feeling rested, refreshed and mentally alert.

A weekend course is a chance for deep rest, rejuvenation and inspiration.
Enjoy the benefits of extra meditation, simple and effortless yoga asanas, and interactive sessions for a deeper understanding of your TM practice.

Closing date for bookings – Monday 11 October, noon

If you are a member meditator, please contact the course office to book directly.

“The weekend was brilliant. It helped me reconnect properly with TM … I left feeling relaxed and balanced. Thanks.

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